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Actively hitting stuff around the San Francisco Bay Area...



Photo by

Seth Dolcourt "Poh-Bop"

So yea... here they are!!! The pictures documenting the birth of The Poh-Bop later dubbed the Poh-Boom or The Red Head. Once again Seth took the time document everything... There's a drumtown link as well which i'll need to dig up but for now here's the photo gallery...

18X14, 14X12, 10X8 Bubinga Stave shells.

Die Cast Hoops and traditional Tube Lugs. Head setup changes from time to time depending on the gig. This kit is now the official recording kit for Broken Horn Studios. There is also a 22" Bass drum in the works right now to go with this kit. Plans for the 22" are Bubinga/Maple stave.